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13 units with readings, vocabulary exercises, and an audio CD for listening
The Zodiac
The Vocabulary of Human Qualities and Characteristics
3rd Revised Edition
By Mary Riddle Moore

A Photocopyable Full-color Resource

Low-Intermediate to Advanced
Middle School to Adult

The Zodiac, text - $21.50

ISBN: 978-0-86647-364-4

The Zodiac, audio CD - $9.50

ISBN 10: 978-0-86647-365-1

The Zodiac, reader/CD set - $31.00

ISBN: 978-0-86647-366-8

The Zodiac

The Vocabulary of Human Qualities and Characteristics

Newly Revised 3rd Edition 2018. 12 photocopyable lessons in color with readings and vocabulary exercises. The book does not endorse the field of astrology, but rather uses this ancient view of understanding human nature as a convenient, enjoyable way to learn words. The readings use vocabulary (mostly adjectives with related verbs and nouns) associated with the 12 signs of the Western Zodiac. There is also a unit on the Chinese Zodiac used in many parts of the world and notes on other “zodiacs.” Among them are the Meso-American/Mayan/Aztec Zodiac, the African Zodiacs, Jyotisha (Hindu/Nepalese astrology), and Native American Astrology with its animal spirits and totems. The book prompts lots of discussion, and can encourage out of class work and research The recommended minimum proficiency level is low intermediate with a vocabulary of about 600 words. Age level: middle school and up. An audio CD provides listening and pronunciation practice.

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