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Review by Joyce M. Baron, ESL tutor,
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Elizabeth Tannenbaum, Brandon Peterson, and Katy Gelter recording recording idiom # 999 from 1001 Idioms.


The Idiom Book
by Hal Niergarth
with Elizabeth Niergarth

The Idiom Book High-Intermediate to Advanced Young Adults and up


The Idiom Book - text - Paper Edition
ISBN 0-86647-259-2



2 CD's only - $15.50
ISBN 0-86647-260-6



The Idiom Book text & 2 CD's $43.50
ISBN 0-86647-261-4


The Idiom Book - Digital Edition with Audio -

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ISBN: 978-0-86647-395-8


The Idiom Book

Recording artists Front to rear, Janie Duncan, Anders Burrows and Amanda Gelter recording 1001 Idioms.

Idioms, the most difficult and entertaining element of the lively living international language that is English today.

The two-page format of each lesson has four sections.

Section A:

A short lively conversation sprinkled with ten idioms. The topics include a variety of situations and people: college roommates, business associates, husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, factory workers, family members, office workers. The language is colloquial and authentic. The tones of the conversations include neighborly chats, gossip, irreverence, complaint, friendly and not so friendly advice. The conversations are available on two CD's.

Pablo: Tomo, I wouldn't mind some exercise. Let's go bowling.
Tomo: Bowling is really not my thing, you know.
Pablo: That's OK, I'll show you the ropes.

Mike Jerald, Pro Lingua Associate and Shakespearean actor at Helmet Studios in Walpole, NH recording 1001 Idioms.

Section B:

The same ten idioms are repeated in the context of emails, journal entries, memos, letters, and notes. The idiom is gapped.

From: Robert Gonzales

To: Amanda Jones
Subject: The Lake House

My Dear Amanda,
You know, I wouldn't _______  buying this
place .... schmoozing with the owners is not
really  my ________, but I suppose you
could show me  ________ ropes . . . . . . . .

Section C:

A matching exercise in which the idioms are matched with a brief definition. The contexts of the preceding two sections help establish the meaning for the learner.

1) not one's thing ( )
2) wouldn't mind ( )
3) show someone the ropes ( )
4) go ahead ( )

(a) to proceed or continue
(b) to teach someone a task or activity
(c) not very good, skilled, or interested in
(d) would like being or doing something

Section D:

The learners are now asked to use the idioms by rewriting sentences, replacing words and phrases with the appropriate idiom.

1. I'd like a piece of that pie.
I wouldn't mind having a piece of that pie.

2. No thanks, I'm not very good at karaoke.
Karaoke is not my thing.

3. There's no problem using the mike - I'll teach you how to do it.
There's no problem using the mike. I'll show you the ropes.

4. I think the tiger has gone, but you go first; I'll follow you.

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