Plays for the Holidays
Historical and Cultural Celebrations
by: Anne Siebert & Raymond C. Clark
Level: Low Intermediate to Advanced. All Ages
Illustrations by: Marc Nadel

Price: $17.50

ISBN 13: 978-0-86647-168-8
ISBN 10: 0-86647-168-5


Martin Luther King's Birthday: Boycott!

Student's Guide

Teacher's Notes

Holidays are a popular and excellent topic for the classroom, and Pro Lingua is pleased to present a book of plays to help your students explore, understand, and take part in our American holidays. They're all here, the legal ones and other favorites, from Labor Day at the beginning of the school year to Independence Day during the summer vacation.

Each play follows the same format: a few characters (stars) are supported by a chorus (the rest of the class). As in the classic Greek dramas, the protagonists recite their lines while the chorus comments, advises, warns, and cajoles them, while at the same time portraying the big picture behind the drama. Most of the plays have historical subjects relating to the traditions and origins of the holidays.

* Peter Maguire organizes immigrant workers
* Columbus discovers the Indies
* Ninety Indians show up for the Pilgrim's feast
* Eisenhower orders the soldiers (now WW II veterans) to the Normandy Beaches
* Scrooge "humbugs" Christmas
* Rosa Parks refuses to sit in the back of the bus
* Love triumphs in Virginia with Pocahontas
* Franklin urges the patriots to hang together or hang separately
AND 5 more dramatic events
The students are carefully prepared for each play with a variety of activities explaining how the holidays are celebrated today and introducing the historical context of the story. Your students will enjoy and learn as they read, write, listen to, and perform the plays.

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