Heroes from American History
An Integrated-Skills, Content-Based Reader
by: Anne Siebert and Raymond C. Clark

Level: High beginner to Intermediate proficiency
Intermediate ESL
Illustrations by: Marc Nadel
Level: Upper elementary through adult classes


Price: $14.00

ISBN: 0-86647-143-X

Introduction: Forward to Teachers
A Sample Lesson - Jackie Robinson

This reader explores American history and geography, starting each of the 16 lessons with a brief biography of a famous American woman or man whose life of struggle and conflict made a lasting contribution to American culture that is still relevant today. The lessons use maps and timelines to bring out the historical contexts, and they offer lots of practice with:

Reading and vocabulary development
Critical thinking and writing
Simple research appropriate for web work

The sixteen people are listed in the contents (link above). Thirteen of them are brought to life in the short biographical plays in Anne Siebert's Celebrating American Heroes, appropriate for reading aloud in class: Celebrating... is a companion volume to this text.

Elenor Roosevelt
Maya Lin - the designer of the Viet Nam Memorial
The Ordinary Citizen - from the Pilgrims at Pymouth Rock, to the heroic firefighters and police officers who died at the World Trade Center

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