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Talking with Americans
On and Off Campus

Conversations for Listening and Speaking.

by Anne Siebert

A Photocopyable Resource 
Intermediate to Advanced
High School to Adult.

Talking with Americans - $28.00

ISBN: 978-0-86647-468-9

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Talking with Americans
On and Off Campus
Conversations for Listening and Speaking

The book features 24 informal, idiom-rich dialogues between international students and their American friends. 12 are on college campuses and 12 could be on or off campus. The friends discuss issues of personal and cultural interest. Learners listen and practice “talking like an American.” The practice activities are designed to help the learners practice using the suprasegmental system: stress, intonation, rhythm, linking, and phrasing. This is key to speaking intelligibly, to being understood, and to “accent reduction." There is a strong focus on building appropriate vocabulary. American expressions and idioms are used in natural contexts. Two audio CDs provide important listening and pronunciation work.

"Unit 22 Shopping for Good Deals was a great topic for my mixed group of beginner and low-intermediate students. The short dialogue introduced the ideas of thrift and consignment stores as well as yard sales, which were new, intriguing ways of shopping for the group. Students commented that they didn’t have these types of stores or options. Low prices, vintage items, and the thought of getting name brands at lower than sale prices all piqued interest. Overall I found the four pages of support material to be flexible. I could use some or all of the material, and the topic easily lent itself towards more discussion, vocabulary and experience sharing. The students enjoyed the materials very much and planned to go yard-sale shopping over the term break."

-Comment from Lara Kurth Interlink, UNC Greenboro

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