The Storymatic Rememory

Storymatic Rememory - $24.00
Ages 13 and up
ISBN 091037958341

Storymatic Rememory

Rememory is a new kind of Storymatic. You know how The Storymatic helps you reach out and grab a story from the air? Rememory goes the other direction. Rememory helps you access stories you already have— your memories.

Sample card prompts to mix and Match:

Grey Card:


brother or sister or friend

Brown Card:



Red Card:

rock 'n' roll

in hindsight maybe that wasn't such a good idea

We’ve heard so many people draw Rememory cards and immediately say, “I haven’t thought of that in years,” that we put that sentence right on the box.
Rememory is perfect for anyone interested in the stories we all carry around inside us. Ideal for sharing (and comparing!) memories, for personal discovery, writing (memoir, poetry), art, game night, teaching, and more. A great all-purpose gift and stocking stuffer. Made in U.S.A.

  • A lifetime of memories in one little box.
  • Three decks: 25 Season cards, 25 Generation cards, and 180 Prompt cards.
  • Comes with suggestions for using by yourself, with friends/family/colleagues/people-you’d-like-to-know-better, and as a conversational, creative, non-competitive game.
  • Light and portable with a vintage design.
  • Cards have rounded edges.
  • Ages 13 and up
  • Made in U.S.A.

“I work evenings in an assisted living home. I thought Rememory might reach an older man who had stopped talking so I put together a group of three friends and pulled out the Rememory box. Within minutes they were all sharing the most amazing memories, laughing, full of fun. Thank you, Storymatic - or is it Storymagic!”
– A teacher at Northern Illinois Adult Education.

Just draw three cards . . . and remember. 



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