All Around America
The Time Traveler's Talkshow

Content based:Geography and history
reading, discussion, vocabulary, writing, internet research
Designed to involve ESL, ABE, and LD and other special needs students.

by: Anne Siebert and Raymond C. Clark

Levels: Grade 6 to Adult. ESL Intermediate to Advanced Level.

Show Scripts: $11.00


Activities Workbook: $9.50


2CD's: $12.50


Scripts/Workbook: $20.50


Scripts/Workbook/CD's: $33.00


This is a radio-style talk show. Your students can listen to the show on the double CD. They can also act out (and record) the scripts. What makes this talk show distinctive is 1. that the show travels, taking your students on a trip all around America, visiting 18 famous sites. and 2. that the host (JD Rivera) is magical - he's a time traveler. With J D as their host, your students will be introduced to famous people and events throughout American history.

Start the tour at the Statue of Liberty, go on to Boston, Lowell, Gettysburg, Chicago, St. Louis, Mount Rushmore, the Oregon Trail, Alaska, Hawaii, The Golden Gate, the Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, the Alamo, New Orleans, Cape Canaveral, the Castillo de San Marcos, and finally, Washington, D.C.

At each stop, in the present, the talk show host meets a local guide, and then special guests from across time tell about the site being visited and what they did there. General Lee talks about the Battle of Gettysburg, Abigail Adams describes the Boston Massacre, Vitus Bering tells about his discovery and exploration of Alaska, Queen Liliuokalani tells how outsiders took over Hawaii and put her in jail, Powell roars down the Colorado -- in short, we meet a cast of over 50 figures who shaped history. Then callers from around the nation call in with questions and observations. All 50 states are represented in the scripts, which also touch on 900 years of American history.

Using The Show Scripts book, your students read the scripts aloud as a cooperative, dramatic reading. For example, in St. Louis, one student is the host, another is the local guide, two students are Lewis and Clark, another is Eero Saarinen, the architect of the Gateway Arch, and two others "call in" from Santa Fe and Tulsa with questions.

The Study Guide/Activities Workbook enhances language acquisition with a variety of exercises and activities that prepare the students for the scripts with a pre-reading, vocabulary work, and attention to idiomatic speech. Other activities follow up on the script reading with comprehension checks, more vocabulary work, a writing assignment, and internet research.

The 2 CD's contain dramatic readings of all 18 shows for listening practice.

The complete program (Scripts, Workbook , and CD's) offers practice in all skills - reading, speaking, writing, listening, as well as lots of vocabulary work with emphasis on idioms and adjectives.

And of course, the tour of America is a virtual visit with the people and places of American history, from the ancient pueblos of the Anasazi to the skyscrapers of Chicago.



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