All Around America
The Time Traveler's Talkshow

by: Anne Siebert and Raymond C. Clark
Content based:Geography and history
reading, discussion, vocabulary, writing, internet research
Designed to involve ESL, ABE, and LD and other special needs students.
Grade 6 to Adult.
ESL Intermediate to Advanced Level.

All Around America Review

by Theresa Konchan

Get ready for a trip all around the USA that will enthrall your students and have them begging for more - all without leaving the classroom. All Around America, Anne Siebert's latest text and workbook for Intermediate to High-Intermediate learners, features 18 well-known sites in the United States. Students explore each location through readings, quizzes, and scripted dialogues. They can work individually, but working in small groups, they will enjoy acting out the dialogues (readers-theater style). Guided by a fictional talk show host, JD Rivera (who is a time traveller and so can take the students back in time), the talk show features a mix of historically accurate and fictional characters. CD's allow students to hear the dialogues professionally read. The text is crisp, clean, and uncrowded. New vocabulary is highlighted, and related websites are noted for students' further research. Fact sheets provided in the Talk Show Scripts text include even more information for curious students. The blend of challenging vocabulary, an opportunity to perform, and the chance to learn more about the United States will be irresistible to English for Students of Other Languages learners.

Theresa Konchan
ESOL teacher
Cleveland, Ohio

"I think you hit another homer with ALL AROUND AMERICA! I'm doing a lot of adult tutoring these days, and it's so interesting for my students! It's a win-wain-win-win. Thanks so much!"

Sistie Moffitt,
San Anselmo, California

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