Living In The US
by: Raymond C. Clark, and
Arthur A. Burrows

2017 11th Edition

Paper Edition - Price: $9.50

ISBN 13: 978-0-86647-442-9

Living in the US - Digital Edition -

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ISBN: 978-0-86647-443-6


A cultural-orientation handbook for students and travelers for education, business, or pleasure

This concise, easy-to-read introduction to American culture helps newcomers feel at home, make friends, and enjoy everyday life. Read independently or in class as an outline for discussion, it provides both practical "survival" information and facts that will lead to cross-cultural insights. The book is given to new students in many universities and language programs in the U.S. and abroad.

This new 11th edition has updated information and has been reformated to make it easier to use as a reference. Throughout the book, revisions have been made to this edition reflecting the rapid changes in technology and culture in the United States and today's world.

The first section, Basic Information, includes information on many practical survival topics. For example: what everyone needs to know about money, food, restaurants, drinking and smoking laws, hotels, many kinds of communication in today's world from smart phones to email, etc, electricity and electronics, transportation, shopping, health/medical care and safety, tipping, and measures used in the U.S.

The second section, Customs and Values, explains many aspects of U.S. culture (click on the link to the table of contents above). It includes valuable tips on etiquette.

The third section on Country Facts provides useful information and insights into U.S. history, geography, the environment, and technology. It has been rewritten and updated.

For this 11th Edition, the Appendix on the 50 States that gives comparative statistical and political information has been updated since the 2016 elections.

"To the busy traveler, this series of very readable and entertaining guides provides a brief introduction, vital statistics, a little history, and a lot of practical advice that instill a sense of security from the time you arrive at the port of entry. Everything you really need to know - from money and banking practices to health tips to local customs and a brief historical overview - is at your fingertips, in a book that neatly fits in your jacket pocket. If you don't know the territory - or the people - this guide is good company to any stranger in a strange land."

Patrick J. Leahy, U.S. Senator from Vermont
Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee
Appropriations Subcommittee on the State Department and Foreign Relations and Related Programs, Chair


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