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Old Ways, New Ways
Hopes and Dreams series

By Tana Reiff

An 80-page reader for

Beginning Readers
Middle School to Adult

Old Ways, New Ways, reader - $9.50

ISBN 10: 0-86647-447-1
ISBN 13: 978-086647-447-4

Old Ways, New Ways, audio CD - $9.50

ISBN 10: 0-86647-448-X
ISBN 13: 978-086647-448-1

Old Ways, New Ways, reader/CD set - $19.00

ISBN 10: 0-86647-449-8
ISBN 13: 978-086647-449-8

Old Ways, New Ways - Digital Edition with Audio

Rent: $9.50 Buy: $19.00

ISBN: 978-0-86647-517-4


Here is the brief story summary

Old Ways, New Ways Solomon Gold is a Russian imigrant in New York. He is a gifted and hardworking shoemaker. He and his wife keep to the old ways in everyday life and in their religion. They are proud of their heritage. As the story begins, their son Sidney is 14. He already knows that he doesn’t want to make shoes his whole life. He is an excellent student, and his father is proud of him, but Sol wants Sidney and Emma, his daughter, to follow the old ways.

A Social Studies Lesson Set for ABE Literacy Students by Anita Caref and Emma Meade
that can be adapted for use with other classes and other novels in this series.
This Lesson Set works with "Nobody Knows" and "The Magic Paper."

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