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Educational Solutions for All

Flexitome offers an education-first solution, created to attend to the needs of schools, teachers, and learners in every country, with every possible need.

Have a class full of tablet users and perfect internet connectivity? We have got you covered. Teaching in a remote school, with no internet (and limited or no power)? Of course we have got you covered as well. Fall someone in-between these extremes? Well, I think you know the answer to that.

You can rent or buy any of our Digital Editions

by using our online catalogue,

searching for a title with the titles index or subject/skill area index, and then, for each of our eBooks, by clicking on the “Rent or Buy Ebooks” icon.


This will take you to the Flexitome site for that specific book.

Or follow this link:

to go directly to the Flexitome site. There is a “browse” icon at the top of the page. “Browse by publisher” for Pro Lingua. You will see all of our eBooks displayed.

Just click on the covers of books you are interested in.

For more information on the books including the full table of contents (scope and sequence), introduction and user’s guide, and printable sample pages, go to the page for specific books using our online catalogue:

To rent or buy a book you will be asked to establish a Flexitome account.

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