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The Hopes and Dreams Series

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Audio and Supplementary Activities included with each reader.

Amala’s HopeA Family from Syria
A Different HomeCuban-Americans
For Gold and BloodChinese-Americans
The Family from VietnamVietnamese-Americans
Hungry No MoreIrish-Americans
Little ItalyItalian-Americans
The Magic PaperMexican Americans
NeighborsA Family from El Salvador
Nobody KnowsAfrican-Americans
Old Ways, New WaysJewish-Americans
Sent AwayJapanese-Americans
Two HeartsGreek-Americans

Other digital texts and resources:

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A to Z Picture Activities for Literacy + audio
Aesop’s Fables + audio
American Holidays + audio
Conversation Strategies
Cultural Differences
Dictations for Discussion + audio
Discussion Strategies
The ESL Miscellany
Grammar Practice
How and Why Folktales + audio
The Idiom Book + audio
Living in the United States
Nasreddin Hodja + audio
A Phrasal Verb Affair + audio
Pronunciation Practice + audio
Writing Strategies One – High-Intermediate
Writing Strategies Two – Advanced
We the People + audio

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